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Approaching the Psychiatry Doctor in Gurgaon to Get Your Mental Disorders Treated.

Psychiatrists play a pivotal role in bringing back the mentally unstable patients to a normal state. If you are in acute depression, despair and feeling entirely lost, you can pay a visit to the highly reputed psychiatry doctor in Gurgaon. The doctor has attained Masters in Psychiatry and has an experience of almost two decades in treating patients with mental disorders.

It is true that finding a genuine psychiatrist can be highly challenging with so many options available on the internet. However, your hunt will be over once you have approached Yadav Neuro Psychiatry Center. Our medical center not only possesses the nation’s finest psychiatrist but also houses good infrastructure with a positive environment to make patients feel good.

In addition to this, we have a team of adept professionals who assist our psychiatrist, Dr. Gianender Rao in various therapies and treatments. The entire crew is amiable enough to treat every patient with utmost care and love. Besides our medical facilities such as IQ testing, marriage & adolescent counseling, depression & anxiety, ECT therapy and brain EEG, we also offer a wide range of psychiatry services, which are discussed as under.

Services offered by the psychiatry doctor in Gurgaon


Anxiety disorder

At Yadav Neuro Psychiatry Center, you will get the best treatment for anxiety disorder. Anxiety is often caused due to inner fear of future events and thought of inability to handle them. Such disorder might also be caused due to overdose of caffeine and drugs. After you have approached the psychiatry doctor in Gurgaon, you will be diagnosed with the right cause and will be given the appropriate treatment.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) makes a person obsessive with a particular thought, sensation or a feeling. It is basically an uncontrollable behavior, which needs an expert’s advice and treatment. This might include fear of contamination, having things in a perfect order, compulsive counting, excessive cleaning and other such recurring thoughts.



Today, millennial are suffering from various addictions like alcohol, smoking, drugs and sex. The addiction goes to a level where it makes an individual lose his/her memory and mentally unstable. Our neuro psychiatry doctor has the absolute knowledge of it all and is trained in providing behavioral therapies and detoxification treatments to de-addict the patient.



Epilepsy refers to a mental condition in which a person suffers from abnormal brain activities and periods of unusual behavior. Epilepsy can occur in any part of the body and can be fatal to life, if not treated at the right time. Our psychiatrist will help you right away to cope up with the effects of epilepsy and get a stable mental condition.


Sexual problems

Having sexual problems can ruin your married life. Here, the psychiatrist conducts one-to-one session with you and keeps your information highly confidential. Such problems include erectile dysfunction, sexual pain disorder, premature ejaculation and others. You can rely on the psychiatrist in Gurgaon and confide in without being ashamed of your disease.

About Dr Gianender Rao, Psychiatry Doctor in Gurgaon

Dr. Gianender Rao, M.B.B.S., M.D. (Psychiatry) Ex-Senior Resident, Deptt. of Psychiatry Pt. B.D. S., PGIMS, Rohtak

To work with an organization, which can best utilize my experience, education and abilities.
MCI Registration No. : 20097 , IPS Registration No. : LOM/GO2/05

Strengths : Discipline, Punctuality, Focused, Determined, Clarity of objective, Adaptive, Self, Motivating, Self critic, perform effectively under stressful conditions and with available means of resources, believes in team work and strong belief that the best way to solve problem is to confront it head on.

☛ Passed M.B.B.S. in Dec. 1998 from Pt B.D.S. PGIMS, Rohtak (M.D.U.)
☛ One year compulsory Rotatory Internship from Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak (India) from Jan. 1999 to Jan. 2000.
☛ Passed Examination for post of Jr. Resident, GMC, Chandigarh in Jan. 2000
☛ Passed Diplomate National Board Primary Examination in June 2002.
☛ Passed M.D. Psychiatry in Aug. 2005 form Pt. B.D.S. PGIMS, Rohtak (M.D.U.) Registered with Medical Council of India i.e. M.C.I., New Delhi.
☛ Life Ordinary member of Indian Psychiatric Society.
☛ Life Member of IPS-North Zone, Haryana Branch.

RESEARCH 1. A Path analytic approach into the investigation of differential response to treatment in negative dimension and deficit state in schizophrenia - this was an extensive prospective study involving 60 schizophrenic patients followed up for 4 months to see the treatment response on negative symptoms.
2. Sex education in children & adolescents - A cross sectional study involving 600 patients attending the psychosexual clinic.
WORK PLACES : 1. Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at a renowned Mental Rehabilitation centre and drug deaddiction centre at DLF Phase-III, Gurgaon for Inpatients.
2. Sr. Consultant Psychiatrist at Psychiatric centre for OPD patients at New Railway Road, Gurgaon
3. Sr. Psychiatrist at peripheral Psychiatric care centre for OPD patients at Distt. Rewari. Haryana.
1. Practising Psychiatry clinically for a period of 10 years after post graduation in Psychiatry.
2. 1 year experience as Sr. Registrar (Psychiatry) at P.G.I.M.S. Rohtak.
3. I have practical experience of doing EEG for all type of patients.
4. Also, I am giving ECT ( Electro Convulsive Treatment) for Resistant Psychiatric Cases.
5. Practical experience of Treating (Pharmacotherapy & Psychotherapy) all kinds of patients of addiction.
6. Attending on-call and referral patients of organic psychiatry in various hospitals
7. Giving Psychosocial rehabilitation to chronically ill psychiatric patients (e.g Schizophrenia, Bipolar mood disorder, schizoaffective ds) at Rehabilitation Centre.

About more of our services

To know more about of our psychiatry services in gurgaon like hysteria treatment, panic reaction, irritable bowel syndrome, manic-depressive disorder, schizophrenia disorder, psychological testing and others, you can get in touch with us. We will provide you a clear insight into our services and facilities to serve you better.

The ambience of our psychiatry clinic in gurgaon is such that you will feel relaxed, comfortable and calm in your nerves. Thus, visit us soon to get over with your mental disorders before they worsen and become fatal. Get well soon!

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