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Treating Depression with the Best Neuro Psychiatry Doctor in Gurgaon

When you are depressed, nothing seems right and you’re left in despair. It can make you feel trapped in your own dark world with no light ahead. So, if you’re drowned in depression, the psychiatrist at Yadav Psychiatry Center is here to provide you the right treatment for depression in Gurgaon. Our psychiatrist, Dr. Gianender Rao, has experience of decades in providing the most appropriate depression treatment depending upon the condition of the patient.

Depressed mood is not always a psychiatric disorder. It may also be a normal reaction to certain life events, a symptom of some medical conditions, or a side effect of some drugs or medical treatments. Depressed mood is also a primary or associated feature of certain psychiatric syndromes such as clinical depression.

Causes of depression :

1. Abuse- The major cause of depression is emotional, sexual and physical abuse. When a person suffers from such abuse in the past, they go in depression later in the life, which needs proper treatment.

2. Loss- The loss or death of loved ones can put people in depression. The grief takes over the heart and mind in such an intense manner that it needs a therapist to be treated.

3. Genetics- The depression is likely to attack people who have a family history of the same. The genes exert effects on the brain and contribute to depression.

4. Illness- Many times, intense illness also leads to depression. Patients suffering from serious diseases often feel mentally suffocated and negative, which again contributes to depression.

5. Other life events- It is true that even good events also lead to depression. Getting married and commencing a new job might also make people feel low and depressed. In the same way, losing a job, divorce, social isolation can also hit a person’s mind in a negative way.

Methods to Treatment of Depression in Gurgaon


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is one of the most effective talking treatments wherein our psychiatrist conducts sessions with the patient and interacts on one-to-one basis. Herein, the patient is taught about the ways in which negative thoughts can be overcome and try instilling confidence in him/her. Once the patient is in a mentally stable state after 6-8 individual sessions, group CBT is conducted for better treatment results.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is mainly used for treatment of depression. In this type of treatment, the neuro-psychiatrist gains patient’s confidence and make him/her confide in. Our therapist will encourage the patients to express their emotions, feelings and whatever else is going on in their mind. This way, patients will realize what actually is worrying them and contributing to the problem.


Anti-anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a part of depression that makes a person fearful of future events and an individual loses confidence. The psychiatrist will advise to take anti-anxiety medicines that work upon the brain chemicals and makes the patients feel relaxed. Further, the beta-blockers and Antihistamines are used only when it is needed, not in all the cases. Each anxiety disorder has different symptoms.



The antidepressants are given to the patients to treat the symptoms of depression. This is given according to the type of depression the patient is suffering from. Usually, the antidepressants are combined with therapies to get the positive results faster.


Brain stimulation

This method is used for the patients who have reached to the last stage of depression. Here, the electromagnetic currents are used to stimulate the specific parts of brain to lower the degree of depression. The different types of stimulations include TDCS, RTMS and ECT.



Pnormal exercise can be as efficient at treating depression as best medicine. Not only does exercise increase serotonin and other feel-good brain chemicals, it trigger the growth of new mind cells and connections. Even a half-hour daily march can make a large variation.

Once you have visited our psychiatry clinic, our psychiatrist will conduct a few tests to understand the existing state of your mind and the level to which you are depressed. After the test results are out, our neuro psychiatry doctor will take the appropriate step to treat it. In fact, the doctor will also give you some depression treatment tips to overcome such hard situation in the minimum possible time. The tips include getting the support of your family & friends, not relying on medication only and understanding yourself & giving time to it. With this, the psychiatrist in Gurgaon will also guide you about lifestyle changes that can help in overcoming the depressed state of mind like exercise, proper sleep, good nutrition and socializing. Thus, approach our doctor and get the right treatment for depression in Gurgaon.

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