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Yadav Neuropsychiatry Centre have specialist in psychiatry who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all typs of stress.

Marital / Couple COUNSELLING

Dr Gianender Rao is a experienced psychiatric therapist and counselor with specialist training and practice in the field of family and marriage couple counseling.

De-addiction TREATMENT

The neuro psychiatry doctor is trained in treating patients with different addictions and providing them the right de-addiction treatment at the right time.

Depression TREATMENT

Best Psychiatrist, Dr. Gianender Rao, has experience of decades in providing the most appropriate depression treatment in Gurgaon.

Psychiatrist in Gurgaon

Psychiatrist Near Me - Dr. Gianender Rao

Dr. Gianender Rao is good Psychiatrist and experienced Neuropsychiatry doctor and he has cured many patients from his treatment at affordable cost and gives treatment in preventive procedure

Dr. Gianender Rao served as neuropsychiatric doctor since 2000. He had completed MBBS, MD(Psychiatry), Ex-Registrar, P.G.I.M.S. Rohtak, Ex-Resident and G.M.C from chandigarh. He has been practising Psychiatry clinically for a period of 15 years after post graduation in Psychiatry. He has practical experience of doing EEG for all type of patients.

He is giving Psychosocial rehabilitation to chronically ill psychiatric patients (e.g Schizophrenia, Bipolar mood disorder, schizoaffective ds) at Rehabilitation Centre.

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Why Choose Us Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon

  • We have highly professional team
    We have a team of adept professionals who assist our psychiatrist, Dr. Gianender Rao in various therapies and treatments
  • We are committed
    The doctor has attained Masters in Psychiatry and has an experience of almost two decades in treating patients with mental disorders.
  • We deliver best results
    The ambience of our psychiatry clinic in gurgaon is such that you will feel relaxed, comfortable and calm in your nerves


Deaddiction Treatment

People usually get the addiction of drug and alcohol without realizing that it only has a deception of pleasure. In reality, it hampers the functioning of the brain and even makes people lose their memory, in extreme cases. If you or your loved one is suffering from depression then our Dr. Gianender Rao is here to take you to the right path.

Depression Treatment

When you are depressed, nothing seems right and you’re left in despair. It can make you feel trapped in your own dark world with no light ahead. So, if you’re drowned in depression, search by psychiatrist near me, you got Dr. Gianender Rao, Psyshiatry, is providing you the right treatment for depression in Gurgaon at its own clinic, Yadav Neuropsychiatry Centre.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety is a part of depression that makes a person fearful of future events and an individual loses confidence. The psychiatrist will advise to take anti-anxiety medicines that work upon the brain chemicals and makes the patients feel relaxed. Further, the beta-blockers and Antihistamines are used only when it is needed, not in all the cases.

Schizophrenia Treatment

This disorder usually develops when a person is between 16-30 years of age. Here, a person suffers from thought disorder, develops hallucinations & delusions and is unable to express his/her emotions. To treat the same, our doctor will provide psychological counseling, medication and even self-help resources. If treated at the right time, it improve faster.

Headache Treatment

Headache is the pain anywhere in the head or neck of our body parts. It comes in many forms like migraine, tension-type headache, sinus and cluster headaches. Everyday headaches can affect your employment and relationship also. There is also an increased risk of depression in those with headaches. Some types of headaches are a side effect of taking meticulous medication.

Major Depression Treatment

Major depressive disorder has lifetime prevalence of about 15 % and it is more common in women and about 50% of cases are of age group 20 to 50 years. A significant genetic factor is also involved in the development of a mood disorder. Mood disorders tend to have long courses and patients tend to have relapses.

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Testimonials What people say about us!

  • Rajeev GuptaEnterprenaur

    Very affordable mental health treatment clinic and Dr Gianender Rao is best for depression and stress treatment in Gurgaon.

    Sankalp Vashist

    He is a best mental health treatment doctor in Gurgaon for headache ,Depression & migraine .

Psychiatrist in Gurgaon, Psychiatrist near me, Yadav Neuropsychiatry Centre

Dr. Gianender Rao (M.D. in Psychiatry) gives all types of mental or brain related problems or disorders treatment to the patients in Gurgaon/Rewari/Gurugram at affordable cost and in friendly consultancy environment at own clinic Yadav Psychiatry Centre in Gurgaon near Rajiv Chowk or New Colony Mode, where comfortably can be reached.

Affordable and Experienced Psychiatric Doctor- Dr. Gianender Rao

Dr. Gianender Rao, M.D (Psychiatry) is popular Psychiatrist near me, New Colony Mode in Gurgaon and he is specialized in diagnosis psychiatry conditions and gives preventive treatment of all mental disorders related problems at its own centre. If you have any mental disorders relatable problem, then Dr. Gianender Rao who gives very good treatment for all of these mental related disorders at affordable cost.

Are you suffering from anxiety? Drowned in deep dark depression? If yes then the most reputed doctor at Yadav Psychiatry Center is here to enhance your mental health. Dr. Gianender Rao has today become one of the most experinced Psychistry doctor treating patients with brain disorders and other disturbed mental conditions. The neuro psychiatry doctor has attained a degree of MBBS and has completed Masters in Psychiatry. With this, the veteran professional has served different hospitals and medical centers with his psychiatry services, treating patients across the nation. It has been almost two decades that Dr. Rao is working in the respective field.

Besides this, the neuro psychiatry doctor at our psychiatry center has a record of treating hundreds of patients satisfactorily. He keeps the entire record of the patient’s history so that, there is no problem in interacting about the past medicines with the patients with depression and memory loss. He is a good note taker and gives hope to every patient that visits him. The doctor does not make unrealistic promises, instead makes you aware of the real problem and motivates you to pick yourself up and gather courage in that difficult time.