E.C.T Therapy for Stammering

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E.C.T Therapy for Stammering

Are You Feeling Held Back by Your Stammer?

You are a talented person, with a lot to offer. You want to be able to say and do what you want, but you feel like your stammer holds you back. This may apply to very specific scenarios, such as meetings where you dread having to introduce yourself. Or it may affect various areas of your life, from everyday situations like not choosing the item you want from a menu, to issues like not progressing further in your career, despite having all the necessary skills and experience. Most people are unaware of how strongly your stammer affects you.

But there is a way to move forward.
Trying to find a solution
This could be the first time you’ve considered getting support. You’ve worked really hard to find ways to avoid stammering. You may be quite successful at keeping your stammer hidden. But this avoidance takes a lot of effort and can feel like it’s imprisoning you. Or maybe you’ve sought some help before, in the hope of finding a solution:

perhaps you tried your local NHS service but didn’t see a stammering specialist or were only able to have a limited number of sessions you may have attended group therapy but found there weren’t enough opportunities to receive one-to-one guidance or you might have tried things like hypnotherapy, self-help DVDs or internet “cures” but they turned out to be little or no help. Whatever you’ve tried, it’s likely you’ve felt disappointed. And despite your best efforts, you still feel held back by your stammer. Drawbacks of “going it alone” or a “one size fits all” approach Trying to manage without support can be incredibly hard, especially when you have a new challenge to face, such as a change at work, which suddenly requires you to move out of your comfort zone. Strategies that seemed to work for you before can start to fail and you’re left feeling unsure of what to do next.

A problem with many treatments for stammering is the underlying “one size fits all” approach, when the reality is that no single treatment works for everyone. You and your stammer are unique. So therapy needs to reflect this, in order to find the best way forward. Specialist speech therapy tailored to your individual needs Instead of struggling to cope alone or feeling constricted by an “off-the-shelf” treatment, imagine having speech therapy that’s tailor-made to suit you. A specialist speech therapist can work in partnership with you to support you to find ways to manage your stammer that are more effective and sustainable.

Working Together

I’m Dr. Gianender Rao, the co-founder of Yadav Neuropsychiatry Centre. I am a fully qualified, registered and experienced speech therapist based in Gurgaon. I specialise in working with adults who stammer. This work is particularly important to me because stammering has run in my family for at least four generations.

The First Step

Book a free 30-40 minute initial consultation by using the contact form. You will then have the opportunity to discuss how you’d like to move forward, ask any questions you may have, and decide if a speech therapy programme would be the best support for you.

Moving Forward

  • If you choose to go ahead with speech therapy, your personalised “Moving Forward” speech therapy programme will be tailor-made to support you to start:
  • identifying both the visible and hidden aspects of your stammer
  • exploring how you feel about stammering and fluency
  • learning about stammering management strategies which can help you to speak with more ease
  • feeling more confident about your communication
  • experiencing more freedom to say and do what you want

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