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Deaddiction Treatment in Gurgaon at Yadav Neuro Psychiatry Centre by Dr. Gianender Rao, M.D. (Psychiatry) have more than 10 years of experience to execute deaddiction treatment at clinic successfully. Perhaps, addiction is a disease. Yes, it is a disease that overpowers an individual’s mind and the entire life if not treated at the right time. People usually get the addiction of drug and alcohol without realizing that it only has a deception of pleasure.

In reality, it hampers the functioning of the brain and even makes people lose their memory, in extreme cases. If you or your loved one is suffering from depression then our psychiatrist, Dr. Gianender Rao is here to take you to the right path. The neuro psychiatry doctor is trained in treating patients with different addictions and providing them the right de-addiction treatment in gurgaon at the right time.

Therapies that are used in deaddiction treatment centre in gurgaon by the psychiatrist in Gurgaon


Behavioral Therapy

Under this type of therapy, the psychiatrist tries to examine the behavior of the patients and evaluate the ones that are unhealthy and negative in nature. Our neuro psychiatry doctor will provide the complete guidance to the patients by educating them about their particular behavior that is leading to addiction. Assertiveness training is also used to let the patients express themselves and participate in a healthy communication. With this, relaxation training is also used to calm the nerves of the patient and giving them time to understand their behavior.



This psychiatrist will guide you with the ways to detox your body. The liver is the main organ that needs detoxification by consuming foods like seaweeds to get over with the alcohol addiction. With this, the doctor takes thorough physical examination of the patient, gives him proper nutrition and a brain depressant on first day to reduce withdrawal and then wean off the drug. Detoxification is a type of alternatives medicine treatment which main motto is the rid of body of unspecified toxin substances- buildup substances.

Rational- Emotive-Behavior-Therapy-deaddiction-treatment

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) emphasizes on the views of the individual/ patient rather than focusing on their behaviors. REBT believes that the main cause of addiction is the irrational beliefs of a person such as expecting to get everything one wants, avoiding things that are hard to perform, performing perfectly in all spheres and other such beliefs. Thus, the psychiatry doctor will sit and talk to the patient and will moderate the intensity of such beliefs.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is another de-addiction treatment of therapeutic style. It believes that people get addicted to drinking and drugs because of invalidating environments and emotional vulnerability. The therapy includes focusing on strengthening skills, past traumas, and other stressors that patients find unbearable. The psychiatrist in Gurgaon tries to engage the patient into the present situation to accept it and make endeavors to identify issues that give birth to undesired thoughts.


Person Centered Therapy

It is commonly believed that a person is driven and motivated by greed, sex and aggression. However, this therapy focuses on the innate goodness of a human being. Here, the patient is made to realize his/her own unique characteristic and is motivated to strengthen it. The therapist will try giving a supportive environment; acceptance and will encouraged the patients to solve their problems on their own. This is more of a passive treatment wherein the patient is left to be active.



The psychiatrist in Gurgaon endeavors to rehabilitate the addicted people by instilling in them hope and motivating them for abstinence. With this, they are encouraged towards a substance-abuse free life through proper counseling and psychotherapy. The therapist will extend absolute support in bringing back the addicts to a normal life. In Occupational Rehabilitation, therapy to return back of injured workers to an approprirate level of working level and try by self for gaining its original form.

Consequences of addiction

If addiction is not treated at the right time, it might lead to severe health, physical, legal and social consequences. The physical effects include organ damage, gastrointestinal disease, cancer caused by nicotine, fertility issues and various others. With this, the neurological effects include memory loss, paranoia, depression, mood swings, anxiety and extreme aggression. Moving on to the social consequences, it includes loss of job, divorce and social isolation while the legal effects include huge fines, probation, jail sentences and other restrictions in living in the social community.

Therefore, you should approach the psychiatry clinic in Gurgaon to get your addiction treated before it becomes for your life. The psychiatrist will first analyze the intensity of the addiction and will then only exploit the best therapy that can treat it the right way. Once you have reached Yadav Psychiatry Clinic, you will be over with your addiction in the least possible time.

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